Transport services

Our unique and interesting offer includes assembly, disassembly, loading and transport of various machines and industrial installations, especially those oversized. We can deliver machines to halls and other locations defined by clients with perfect accuracy. In order to achieve this high level of precision we use modern air- cushion technology, wh... >> więcej >>
Construction of paint spraying lines

Our special offer includes designing and constructing paint spraying lines for painting plastic elements with water based paints or solvent paints. We can deliver a complete installation for such lines with operation and maintenance manuals for all machines. We provide also maintenance, repair and modernization services for existing paint spraying ... >> więcej >>
Assembly, repair and welding services

Our basic services, include: repairing all king of machines and industrial equipment; designing and constructing metal structures - platforms, stairs, halls, steel mezzanines - using both carbon steel and acid resistant steel; designing and constructing all kinds of industrial installations, pipelines, hydraulic fittings and mechanical ventilation ... >> więcej >>